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B&B, a Home Away From Home

Bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) are better. That is what more and more travellers tend to think. This accommodation option differs from traditional hotels in the sense that they systematically offer breakfast with the room. They are also located in smaller establishments, usually no bigger than a dozen rooms, or inside private homes. In most cases, owners of B&B are not professionally formed managers, but people willing to make some extra money or to change jobs.
The question now is, what makes B&Bs so attractive to travellers? What are their advantages over traditional hotels? The first thing that comes to my mind is certainly their size. As I just mentioned, B&Bs usually do not have more than a dozen rooms, for the largest of them. This brings a certain home-feeling to guests, who have the impression of living into a real home rather than in a place where they are only dropping their bags for a few days. It is actually sometimes a real home indeed, when the owner simply to choose to rent one or two rooms they are not using otherwise.
The second advantage is undeniably the breakfast. Hey, there must be a good reason why it is featured in the accommodation’s name! The tradition for B&Bs is for the owners to prepare the breakfast themselves, as they seldom have employees (or if they do, it would be more often someone to clean and make up the rooms). You can thus expect to be served a delicious, home-made and most likely huge breakfast. Think home-made bread, organic jams, freshly squeezed juices, and many more depending on the place you choose and their specialty. You will also probably eat in the company of other guests, if there are any, and sometimes of the owners themselves. This is a great opportunity to share tips and stories, and is certainly better than looking blankly at a phone screen while sipping on your coffee.

Finally, B&Bs are an occasion to discover unique places that you could never access and experience otherwise, like historical mansions and boats. In a few words, I think this is what attracts travellers to B&Bs: their warmness, friendliness and unique character.