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Why golf is so appreciated by people of all ages

There are many reasons which help making golf a sport friendly to people of all ages and all fitness levels. First of all, it takes place in an open natural place. Spending time outside our homes and offices and enjoying sunlight is a guaranteed
natural remedy for improving the quality of life, reducing stress and keeping some maladies of our modern life, like depression, anxiety or extreme fatigue, at bay.

Practicing golf requires little physical effort and thus the age restrictions usually implied in another sports are being removed. Golfing requires you to swing a club and walk around the field, activities which don’t pose any problem to a normal and healthy individual. Golf has the supreme advantage of levering skill and strength across age and gender, as even women and kids can perform good. Unlike many other sports, playing golf leaves you with very few options to get hurt or injured.
We often consider golf to be inaccessible due to the lack of a specially design field, but the truth is you don’t need a full size golf course to play a few holes. You can start with basic golf lessons in your backyard and only after you have mastered that small surface, think at a larger scale. Living close to a flat natural landscape can offer you a free golf course, with the condition that obstacles are not too big to stop the ball from moving.