The Gildshire Team is committed to present information from many angles, identify with and serve our readers. We are based in California, a young and dedicated group of professionals, engineers, designers and writers.

Gabriela Golumbovici, Founder and CEO

Gabriela has lived on four continents, traveled, worked and studied, meeting different people, learning about their cultures and being grateful for these experiences.

After a Bachelors in Finance and Economics, Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise, and a Masters of Business Administration, Gabriela started an University teaching career. She decided to follow her passion for media and magazines, left a Marketing Lecturer and University Business Department Leader position, to embrace a challenge and do what she loves.

John Laprise, Advisor and Editor

John is an expert Internet Public Policy Strategist, has a PhD and is a former Northwestern University Professor. He has worked for start-ups all the way up to Fortune 500 clients, sovereign foreign governments and the United Nations. He wrote a history of the White House computer and information technology policy and adoption. Through his wide experience John offers great support and advice to our company.

Matt Cullerton, Advisor

Matt is an experienced engineer with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Computer Science, and is the CTO of a very successful startup. Due to his experience, he offers Gildshire great technical support when needed.

Michael Chuang, Product Development Advisor

Michael has worked as Lead Engineer and had a substantial contribution in developing the site. He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Michael is passionate about coding and developing new ideas, and is also a talented artist.

Allen Gong, Full Stack Developer

Allen is a very talented and dedicated coder and has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, currently working on his Master's. He has developed the site, and his structured and organized way of working has brought tremendous quality to the team.

Philip Khristian Perez, Web Designer

Philip is passionate about digital art and design. He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, traveled the world and is a great asset to our team.

Elvira Barucija, Editor

Elvira has a Master Degree in Psychology. She is passionate about writing, is always on trend, and thoroughly researches her topics to offer readers high quality content. She also enjoys working with children and practicing yoga.

Mia Russell, Editor

Mia is a freelance journalist, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has worked across a variety of fields, ranging from researcher, writer, and chief copy editor on various magazines and online publications, to freelance travel writer for Exclusive Adventures, Go2Africa and Kuoni Safaris South Africa.

Kim Hastings, Reporter

Kim is a writer of wide scope. In his submissions he strives to shine a new light, offer a new perspective and make our readers smile. Should he accomplish all of those goals in any one piece, he has succeeded. He is a family man, a dedicated husband, father and grandfather.

Cecile Sassus, Editor-at-Large

Cecile has a Masters Degree in European Affairs. She is a French native and has lived in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, South Korea and Netherlands. Cecile is passionate about traveling, reading and writing, and is a talented freelance writer.

Harvey Neiman, Contributor, Politics and Business Magazines

Harvey Neiman is a retired law professor and lawyer. He is currently president and portfolio manager of Neiman Funds Management LLC, a mutual fund advisory firm. He is the author of Customize Wall Street, a common sense guide to help individuals, and their advisors, seeking to build wealth to achieve their financial goals. He has made appearances on CNBC and Fox Business, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Barons, and many other business publications.

Deborah Cecile Catin, Editor

Deborah is an Ottawa-based online freelance writer. Through her educational background in Political Science and Public Policy, she has a broad knowledge base that allows her to cover a variety of different subjects. Fashion, food, travel, current affairs and health are some of the subjects she is most passionate about.

Jamie McConnell, Editor - Golf Magazine

Jamie has a Foundation Degree in Professional Golf Studies from the University of Birmingham. He lives in Dubai where he is an accomplished teaching professional and coach for both professionals and amateurs. His passion for golf makes him seasoned and talented writer about the sport he loves.

Amanda Wills, Contributor

Amanda is a former teacher and a very talented and accomplished writer. She grew up on a farm in West Virginia, loves nature, gardening and riding horses. Amanda brings a great contribution to Gildshire, with well researched articles. She loves to write about farming, gardening, family and travel.

Emmaline Soken-Huberty, Contributor

Emmaline Soken-Huberty is a freelance writer and editor living in Salem, OR with her husband and pet hedgehog.

Rebecca Smith, Contributor

Rebecca has a Bachelors degree in English, as well as an Associates in Paralegal Studies. She enjoys researching and writing.

Cristina Willard, Consultant

Cristina is a global nomad who thrives on discovering new ideas, places and opportunities. In addition to serving over 15 years in leadership roles in higher education marketing, she founded the communications firm, GoldLight Media, in Boulder, Colorado. She has provided strategic, public relations, SEO, social media and copywriting support for companies in the consumer goods, culinary, event management, publishing and solar energy industries. She holds an MA in Administrative Management, Business Administration, and two bachelor’s degrees – in English and Studio Art, with an emphasis on painting.

Through Gildshire Collection Of Magazines we aim to offer a positive, uplifting and traditional approach and create an environment that inspires and entertains.