Gildshire Inc. is an expansive global media company launched in 2015 to bring inspiring, beautiful, and thought-provoking articles that are carefully curated and organized by popular topics and themes, to new audiences worldwide.

The inspiration for Gildshire was to build upon the long tradition of glossy magazines, while accommodating format and content to how people read, get their news and interact with information today. That means new articles daily on the go, at your lunch break and relaxing at home.

Through our collection of magazines, we create virtual environments for knowledge, entertainment, enjoyment and discovery.

Gildshire is an ecosystem for great ideas and visuals.
Gild = A group with common interests
Shire = A location or territory

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We invite likeminded businesses and organizations to share in this new media venture:

Gildshire Team
We’ve gathered together a diverse team of content experts, industry advisors, and tech-savvy pros dedicated to Gildshire’s vision. Learn more.

Gabriela Golumbovici, Founder and CEO

John Laprise, Advisor and Editor
Michael Chuang, Product Development Advisor
Matt Cullerton, Advisor
Cristina Willard, Marketing Consultant

Technical Staff
Allen Gong, Full Stack Developer
Philip Khristian Perez, Web Designer

Editorial Staff
Elvira Barucija, Editor
Deborah Cecile Catin, Editor
Mia Russell, Editor
Cecile Sassus, Editor-at-Large
Jamie McConnell, Editor - Golf Magazine

Kim Hastings, Reporter
Rebecca Smith, Contributor
Emmaline Soken-Huberty, Contributor
Amanda Wills, Contributor